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2.10.12, 4:29 PM
Wow! This show really leaves me going "Whhaaa?!" Did "Fake Emily/Amanda" find the box in the floor? Who gets shot? Does Nolan have a crush on Jack? What will poor Charlotte do now that she knows who her bio father is?
This show has more twists & turns than any other show I watch, and its really riveting. Emily VanCamp is amazing to watch as the cold-hearted Emily/Amanda.

2.10.12, 5:47 PM
I'm thinking it's Daniel that gets shot as it has come full circle now and is going back to the first episode where he was shot at their engagement party. I'm also wondering if crazy Tyler is out of prison and came to get the box out of the floor. Remember, he discovered the door in the floor but didn't have a chance to open it before he was captured.

I really love this show. I heard that there were only a few more episodes left for this season. I don't want it to end early!!

2.10.12, 7:08 PM
Does Nolan have a crush on Jack?
I don't think so.
Nolan has always wanted to be Jack's friend.
I think that's why he showed him what was really on the tape.
I really hope it's not Tyler who took Amanda's stash.
I'd rather it be Amanda's Oriental teacher.
He's the one that told Amanda that her feelings for Daniel were getting in the way of her plan.
I'm starting to think that the first episode tricked us and that Jack didn't really shoot Daniel.
There has to be some big surprise in the season ender.
I love the fact that William Devane was cast as Conrad's father.
I think there are only one or two episodes left in this season.

2.10.12, 7:26 PM
I was also going to say that William Devane is the perfect person to play Conrad's father. I just love him. He plays a villain so well. He was great in "Knot's Landing".

2.11.12, 4:48 PM
By the way, extra b*tch points to Victoria for asking for a wine list in Declan's beach bar. :evilgrinu:

2.16.12, 1:17 PM
So, what did we think of last night's episode? I certainly didn't see Tyler as being the one killed. I was pretty sure that it would turn out to be him that took the box from the floor though. I remember him coming across that hiding place when he was prowling around in Emily's house.

What was up with Amanda going to Jack, taking cab money and then leaving?

2.16.12, 3:25 PM
WOW...last night's episode was a "doozy"! I think maybe Amanda shot Tyler(she had blood on her), then the Japanese guy came and picked her up (how convenient, to get her out of the way), but I have the feeling Jack is going to get set up as the shooter, then Emily will feel guilty for Jack's predicament. I did like how Jack was going to leave his dog with Emily, since the dog knows who she really is!
Wow, Emily VanCamp is a real chameleon in this role, sometimes I feel sorry for her and sometimes I think she's just "evil".

2.16.12, 7:49 PM
Emanda went to Jack to get the cab money to plant the blood on him.
I think that was the plan.
To make it look like Jack killed Daniel.
But I'm not sure why Emanda would have gone along with that.
I love the introduction of Charlotte on Oxy's (that we didn't see before) that would account for Charlotte screaming that it was Daniel that was dead.
We now have the odd implication of Japanese Sensei guy who seems to be VERY involved in what happened on the beach.
And I think, because of a nod from Nolan to Japanese Sensei guy, that Nolan is involved in the part of the story we have not seen yet.
I think while we have thought all along that real Amanda was in total control of this revenge story, there has been an underlying story of other people involved that will be next season's story.
Bravo to the writers.
This has been an interesting story so far.

Edit: Oh wait, I just had a second thought.
Tyler told Emanda that he was going to frame Emily/Real Amanda for killing Daniel.
Emanda obviously went to the beach to make sure that other evidence would be found to clear Emily/Real Amanda.
But WHOOPS, it turns out Tyler is the dead guy.
Go ahead, try and figure this one out. :pinkyz:

2.16.12, 10:19 PM
Yes, so many twists & turns! I'm still not sure who the Japanese guy is and what his involvement is. I still think Jack is going to be 'set up" as the shooter.

2.17.12, 7:54 AM
Well, considering Daniel has blood all over him and his Mother told him to "not say a word", I'm thinking it may be Daniel who gets accused of Tyler's murder.
Who really killed Tyler?
Probably Amanada.
She's killed before.

2.17.12, 11:11 PM
The Japanese guy has to be the one who killed Tyler.
In the opening sequence, we see a white tux jacket sleeve and black gloves on the hand of the person we think is shooting Daniel.

2.18.12, 7:51 PM
Oh yea, "Sensie"(or whatever his name is), maybe he did it, and I'm thinking he's taking "Amanda" to a safe place.
I read some speculation about Daniel having Amnesia! Oh Good Grief, thats really "soapy".

3.1.12, 5:05 PM
What did you all think about last night's episode? So Sensei is into this up to his eyeballs, this we now know. Not much else was revealed and more and more puzzle pieces are now on the table. I'm just sick that we now have to wait til April to see another episode. I just have this sick feeling that Jack is going to be blamed as the other person involved and will be the one to go to prison.

3.1.12, 6:36 PM
Somehow, I don't think Jack is going to take the blame.
And I was not at all surprised that Takada was behind most of what happened that night.
And since he is, I don't think he is going to let Jack take the fall for it.
Takada is still loyal to Real Amanda and he knows she loves Jack.
The best "fall guy" is Fake Amanda, since she is the most disposable character on the show.
Best line of the night...(about Fake Amanda from Nolan): "She keeps popping up like the homicidal stripper version of whack-a-mole."
On another note, I am sick and tired of night time TV shows taking these stupid long breaks.

3.1.12, 6:40 PM
About the breaks: Whatever happened to a full season (Sept - May)? It's ridiculous how they begin in Sept, quit running after Thanksgiving til mid-January, then break again at the end of January til Feb. sweeps and again til April. And they wonder why ratings go down the drain. It's because one never knows when the show is going to be on.

I did laugh at Nolan's whack-a-mole line too. He is witty!

3.1.12, 7:21 PM
I agree about the breaks.
The most ridiculous of which is Bones this season.
Not only did they shorten the season to 13 episodes due to the lead actress being pregnant, the show is on and then off for weeks at a time.
I've lost most of my interest due to the fact that it's hardly ever on.

Forgot to say that I'm looking forward to the bitch slap showdown between Victoria and Ashley when Victoria finds out what a snake in the grass Ashley has been.

3.1.12, 10:57 PM
Wow...yea, the last episode was a doozy! Takeda tells Emily that she will have to make a choice...hmmm, and he 'took care of Amanda"...what has he done to her? Jack's an idiot for leaving his blood stained hoodie in his drawer and will his brother,Declan, stay loyal to him? I think Charlotte will prove to be a "loose cannon", loved the scene where she laid her head on Emily's shoulder and Emily didnt quite know how to respond.
Yea, how annoying to have to wait til April to see what happens.