View Full Version : Once Upon A Time - anyone?

1.25.12, 2:02 PM
I've become addicted to this show. It's really clever how they intertwine the different fairytales and parallel it with the modern day characters. I love everyone on the show. I'm dying to discuss it with someone. Just wondering if anyone else watches it? I didn't see a category for it under Nighttime TV.

1.25.12, 3:57 PM
I watch it and I love it.
I think it's very cleverly written.
For instance, the stranger in town with the typewriter?
I think he is the author of "the story" Henry has been reading.
And he is in town to finish it.

1.26.12, 8:30 AM
The posters at Television Without Pity were speculating that's who he was too. Since he never gave his name, they think it's going to be significant, possibly Grimm. One person thought Henry's father could be Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. Emma mentioned he came in to the coffee shop asking for pumpkin pie, and in the fairytale he apparently hid a wife away? Heck, I don't remember these fairytales at all. I barely remember what happened in Hansel & Gretel.

I honestly didn't think I could get into a show about fairytales, but it is so cleverly written. I was a big Lost fan too.

1.26.12, 9:24 AM
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater is a nursery rhyme.
So far, all these characters are based on fairy tale characters.
And in that, have more of a "story" about them.