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1.24.12, 5:30 PM
This article gives us a little insight on the transition of OLTL characters to GH.

Here are a few things I'm wondering...

Will they write Natalie and Liam into the script?
Will Trevor St. John show up at some point? (Maybe not as the article states that the cliffhanger was done before Prospect Park pulled the plug)
Are they going to pick up where the story left off in the murder investigation? Todd was arrested, so does he get away?
Or, are they going to start fresh as new (but old) characters in Port Charles?

So much to consider, but I hope they pick up on the murder investigation and I would LOVE to see Trevor show up at some point.

1.24.12, 6:02 PM
Ah Michael Easton, who started out his soap career as the vampire Caleb, on
"Port Charles".

1.24.12, 7:07 PM
A soap opera Edward Cullen. :p I remember Michael from DOOL too, sometime in the mid 90's.