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1.18.12, 12:19 PM
I think one of you or both of you mentioned that you watch American Idol. There are about 3 ladies who post on that board during the season, so drop by and let us know what you think of the new season.

1.18.12, 10:18 PM
Will do!

1.19.12, 4:47 PM
I'm always so torn. I love Idol.. AND Biggest Loser. I'll probably DVR Loser
this year. I didn't catch Idol this week.. but will next.

1.19.12, 5:09 PM
You didn't miss much since it's the audition rounds. However, I'm so glad that they are showing more of the good contestants and less of the whackos. That gets old really fast to me.

There was a young man they saved til last and raved about him. During his audition I wasn't impressed at all. He was nasally and seemed to shout more than sing. BUT, they asked him to sing something with his guitar and he sang a version of MJ's "Thriller" with just an acoustic guitar. I loved it! He sorta has that Casey Abrams thing going on...but not as creepy... LOL!


1.20.12, 1:51 PM
Oh .. yeah.. his last number was GOOD !

1.20.12, 4:06 PM
I liked the Thriller number a lot. Tent girl is already getting some negative press. Apparently she's had numerous drunken arrests. I thought they were pretty indulgent to the baseball pitcher's daughter.

Colton's sister didn't seem too happy to be sharing her limelight with him. I remember him from Hollywood Week last year and thought it was crazy that they eliminated him. It's almost like they regretted their decision and were determined to give him a 2nd chance, whether he wanted it or not, LOL! I didn't think he sounded as good, but maybe he just wasn't prepared.

1.20.12, 4:22 PM
I was really impressed by the boy from Korea last night. It just proves, "never judge a book by it's cover".

1.21.12, 8:59 PM
Finally watched the 2nd show. I liked that 16-year-old kid who had an unusual name I can't remember. He was so cute and polite. I hope he doesn't get eaten up at Hollywood Week.