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1.15.12, 2:19 PM
I LOVED the OLTL farewell on The View ! I have watched it twice now and
grinned like an idiot both times. I loved the rubber chicken thing with Robert S Woods .. how he would break up scenes with it. So cute.

I remember that scene with Judith Light.. and have thought about it many times over the years. It may have been the only time I ever cried over a soap scene.

I'm glad I have The View farewell on DVR... I'm going to watch it again.

1.15.12, 5:26 PM
It was great, wasn't it? They all seem like such fun people who truly love what they do.

1.15.12, 10:42 PM
I loved how Erika kept talking about how "cute" Robert S. Woods was and he blushed. I cracked up too when Kassie said that Blair was a slut...hehehehe!