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1.13.12, 9:53 PM
What did you all think? I was blown away by the ending. What the heck? Now I want answers! How was Allison behind this when she was in jail when Victor was shot? Well, I guess we'll never know :(. If this will all be explored on GH I may have to start watching after all. Anyone know if Trevor is going there too?

Aside from that bombshell, I thought the ending was satisfying. Jessica is no longer creepy Mitch's daughter, Destiny had the baby, Matthew stepped up, and we even got to see Markko and Lang. When Brody showed up, I was half expecting some announcement that he was actually Ryder's father and he and Jessica would reunite on the spot. It wouldn't have surprised me considering the crazy way the stories were wrapping up.

I have a question. When David was talking to Matthew, he said at least Matthew would know his kid. David has a kid? Did I miss something?

I didn't see The View today. How did it go?

1.14.12, 5:19 AM
I was very happy with the ending. I'm glad most got a happy ending and even though Jess is grieving, she now knows she's Clint's daughter.

Trevor??? I did not see that coming at all. What the hey? Talk about a cliffhanger... we'll be hanging on that cliff for eternity...LOL!

I was wondering about David too. Who is his kid?

The only person I was hoping to return for the finale (besides Dorian) was Renee. I was hoping that Rex would ask her to move back into the mansion or something.

I did watch The View. It was good. You can watch it online at abc.com.

Well, ladies! It's been a wonderful ride. Promise to keep in touch.

1.14.12, 10:33 AM
The last show was done really well. I'm pretty happy with everything.
I haven't heard anything about Trevor going to GH but they kept all the
others under wrap until this week.

I thought Another Worlds last few minutes were the best finale I've seen to date. Rachel was at the fireplace mantle looking at pictures of long ago
characters. I thought OLTL was going to do this in the beginning of today's show but Viki looked at only a few. Still good.

I haven't watched THE VIEW yet.. I have it on DVR and will try to watch it this weekend, but I have grandkids for a few days so maybe not ..

I appreciate that you girls have hung in here on this board .. it's been really nice.

Since a few characters are moving on to GH.. we should keep this going.


1.14.12, 5:03 PM
I just saw The View - it made me even more sniffly than the finale! Great chemistry between the actors who were there. Monday is going to feel so empty when I fix my dinner and there's no soap to watch. That was my routine for unwinding from the day. :(

I barely remember the details of the AW finale, only that there was a wedding and a monkey? They were singing a song about it and I was laughing out loud at the absurdity of it, and then my laughter turned into crying. Similar thing on OLTL. I screamed out loud when they showed Victor and then I started to cry. My dog crawled into my lap because he was concerned I might be losing my mind. :o

Do you all realize we've been posting on here for over 10 years? I came to this board shortly after I started watching OLTL, so that must've been 1999-2000.

1.14.12, 7:53 PM
I don't know how long I've been with the Coffee Rooms. I used to post on
several but now only this one. AW went off June '99 and I posted on that
board for a couple years.. so probably since 97 for me.

1.15.12, 10:34 AM
Yeah, I was on the forum when AW was still on, but I don't think I got to know all of you until OLTL. I just got out my AW 35th Anniversary book. This OLTL cancellation is making me feel nostalgic about AW again. Darn networks. I hope The Chew and The Revolution bomb big time.

1.15.12, 12:17 PM
I've only caught a few minutes of The Chew when I turn over to ABC a little
before OLTL started. Looks like just more of the same old, same old, same old cooking and talking. I will only be watching ABC for Gen Hosp now.

Just my little protest.

1.15.12, 9:46 PM
I forgot to mention, that little baby "Drew" is so darn cute. He looks like he could really be part of the Evans' family.

1.15.12, 10:23 PM
Not that this matters now, but did either of you notice the look on Langston's face when Starr mentioned that Cole's father was still alive? I played it back twice to be sure, and it was definitely a "look."