View Full Version : Pass the Kleenex

1.13.12, 1:11 AM
I cried through the whole show today. To me, it was all very touching. The good-byes are heartfelt as the cast is saying good bye to each other as well. I'm so glad, they are tying up loose ends and in a decent manner.

I'm so bummed I can't watch The View tomorrow until I get home from work. I want to hear from the cast and how they are feeling etc.

One more show, ladies! I can hardly believe it! :(

1.13.12, 9:57 AM
I was teary-eyed as well. The way they did the scenes in slow-mo and the real tears from the actors... :( It really hit me that it's over. I like that Starr mentioned Langston & Markko and that she'll be with them. I am not happy that Matthew is still being a selfish jerk about the baby. I'm sure he'll come around at the last minute though.

I wonder if they're leaving some stories open in case the show gets a chance to live on. I heard that Paradise Park is still claiming the deal is not totally dead. I'm not holding my breath but there's always that hope.