View Full Version : Is the final air date this Friday???

1.11.12, 11:54 AM
Can we really expect this mess to be wrapped up in 3 days? My mind was spinning watching the show yesterday. It is odd how they brought some people back to "resolve" old stories, while leaving other stories wide open. Marty murdered people and she got to ride happily off into the sunset, and now Cole gets to do the same. And Todd is orchestrating the whole thing... why? Matthew also murdered someone and he's getting off scot-free (unless you count coma as a punishment) and no one's even talking about it anymore. And though I've never been a big fan of Robert's, I really don't understand why they had to kill him off now. Hasn't Jessica been through enough? It seems the Ford family is getting a punch in the stomach at the very end. Weird way to end things if you ask me. :confused:

1.11.12, 1:10 PM
3 shows left and much to cover yet. I know much of it won't even be dealt with. Which goes back to the whole waste of time prison break and back to Heaven episodes.

I don't get why they had to kill Bobby off either. No wonder Jess is a mess. She needed her happy ending too. And I don't like that Starr is still in love with Cole and that she'll end up in hiding for the rest of her life one day to be with him. What kind of life is that?

Let's see what today brings!

1.11.12, 6:26 PM
Did you see the Gen Hosp previews where John, Todd and looked like Blair
were in Genoa City to resolve a sl ?

I hadn't read anything about this strange loop.

1.12.12, 2:50 AM
Here's the scoop on the cross-over. We'll have to come back and discuss this. I'll watch for it.

1.12.12, 8:39 AM
Wow. Remember they did this with AW too when bringing Linda Dano to Llanview. That's how I got hooked on OLTL. No doubt GH is hoping to benefit from the OLTL viewers, which is a pretty smart strategy. While I love the idea of OLTL continuing on even in a small way, if it's going to be all about Blair and Todd, I'll pass. I've been FF'ing their scenes for weeks.

Wait, I just remembered that Linda Dano joined AW as a new character. It was Jake and Vicki who crossed over to ATWT. I should never post before I've had my coffee!

1.12.12, 1:55 PM
Oops ! Port Charles is Gen Hosp. Wrong town ! :jesterbob:

I went to ATWT after AW but had been watching OLTL for years.. I think it
is about 40 now. I really liked ATWT. I have ( kind of) been keeping track of Gen Hosp for about a year. I'm finally putting some of the characters history together.

I think John Easton would fit in really well with the cops/criminals on Gen Hosp. Anyway it is good news for some of us faithfuls. Maybe Sonny is the one who really whacked Victor. Victor had a shady past and may have been
involved with/against Sonny. Who knows !

1.12.12, 3:21 PM
I need more sleep... mixing up character and actor...