View Full Version : So no repercussions for Matthew?

1.6.12, 6:26 PM
It seems this one is going to be swept under the rug. If Cole has to serve time for shooting a psycho in cold blood, then why doesn't Matthew have to? Perhaps there's a moral to this story - murder is justified only when you have a rich uncle looking for redemption and willing to take the rap. :rolleyez:

1.6.12, 6:49 PM
It's a Buchanan thing I think. Seems they get away with "murder"...sorry couldn't resist...hehehehe!

Ah ladies, let's try to keep in touch once in awhile. I'm going to miss talking to you when the show is over. Wonder if there is anything else we have in common on TV that we can discuss?

Any of you watch Revenge? Parenthood? Grey's Anatomy?

1.6.12, 8:09 PM
I'm afraid I don't watch any of those shows. I do watch Idol, DWTS, Once Upon a Time...? Hopefully they'll keep this board open.

1.7.12, 9:43 PM
I watch Revenge, Parenthood, Modern Family, Grey's. Biggest Loser and
a couple others. I am always torn between Idol and BL.. often switching
back and forth to the point I don't see much of either..

Did any one watch the Decorah Eagle Live Cam last year ? It is in Iowa.. quite away from me but was so interesting. The parents are working on the nest now and will start a new clutch ( usually 2 or 3 eggs) the end of

I hope we can all pop in here and keep in touch after OL ends. I hope the
ending is nice.. sweet.. like AW .. not stupid like OL tends to be sometimes.