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10.26.07, 11:09 PM
Sorry if this sounds dumb. I haven't watched DAYS in over a year so I'm a bit lost with the story lines, but if I remember correctly (when John came out of surgery and Marlena asked the Dr. about John's condition), EJ came out directly behind the Dr. I'm wondering now if the Dr. was told by EJ through Stefano to lie about John's condition. The Dr. seemed very hesitant and uncomfortable to answer at first. Marlena had to ask him more than once. So something is fishy there. Maybe John isn't dead after all. If the dr. is in on it with Stefano and EJ, he could have flatlined him or something. Anyway, that's my thought from what I have seen. Did we see any morgue scenes? I know it was a closed coffin too. Ideas?

10.28.07, 12:06 PM
John is dead. However, on about.com they reveal that Drake returns as a lookalike. He is a professor and his wife is too. They have a son who becomes a friend to Will.

10.28.07, 10:39 PM
Here's what I think....nobody on Days ever really dies. lol Maybe John really is alive, but had to "die" to protect the Brady family from the Dimera vendetta and now he's going to be sneaking around and protecting them. One could only hope. I loved Drake's performances on Days and no one can give that look on his face that he got when he was thinking. I think it's that eyebrow raise he did.

10.28.07, 10:44 PM
If you will notice when John was first hit and was laying on the ground Marlena told Belle. His pulse was good and he breathing was okay. In the hospital the doctor told Marlena John had a punched lung. If he did, he would have had trouble breathing. Marlena being a doctor should have caught that right away and she didn't. That tells me Marlena was told John was going undercover. The doctor also told her his injuries were massive. There again his pulse would not be steady and would have have had trouble breathing. John has gone undercover.

10.30.07, 12:06 PM
I like your thoughts, acejito. Also, just the fact that Stefano happened to be in the hospital at the same time and he went to John's funeral and placed the chess piece by the coffin. I find it interesting they showed the flashback of Stefano telling John that he was his pawn and always will be. Stefano is always in control of him. Something is definitely up. As far as what they are saying about Drake coming back as a completely different character: well, I hope that's not true. I would rather Drake not return at all if that's the case. Just my opinion, of course.

10.30.07, 4:01 PM
Man, I don't want to get too excited about these theories but would love for Drake to come back as JOHN only.

10.30.07, 10:56 PM
Yeah I don't see it flying them bringing Drake back as someone else. They may do that and have John playing this new man (anyone see amnesia again?). John is not dead. I don't see them firing Drake. Maybe they did this to anger the fans and get us in an uproar since we have been quiet lately. They needed the reassurance that the fans still do care.