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1.5.12, 10:58 AM
I can't believe tptb are giving airtime to Mitch and crew... especially faux Cole. Good grief.. we don't even know this guy ! This is such a waste..
no more PLEASE ! If they brought anyone back I would rather see Dorian and Max Holden.

I want to see where Jess and Ford are going. I want some time devoted to
Natalie and John. AND how are they going to resolve Todd murdering his brother ?

This could be such a great time... but they are wasting it on Mitch, Troy, Cole and Lyndsay. I don't mind seeing Catherine Hickland but this whole
thing is lame, lame, lame !

1.5.12, 1:04 PM
Amen, Sister!!! It is such a waste of precious time. The only thing we can hope for is that it goes quickly and the creeps have had their 15 minutes and will be gone by the end of the week. To me, if they couldn't get Brandon Buddy back, they shouldn't have even bothered with Cole. Next week NEEDS to be devoted completely to wrapping up stories and giving us all a good ending.

1.5.12, 1:55 PM
And what about Destiny/baby and Matthew ?

1.5.12, 2:41 PM
I read where she'll have the baby before the show ends.

The major things that need to be resolved are:

Victor's Murder
John & Natalie's relationship
Jack's crime
Destiny/Matthew and the baby

7 shows left, it can be done but they need to hurry with this stupid prison break or it will be rushed.

1.6.12, 12:43 PM
Let's hope today will finish the prison break crap. There were a lot of shots fired at the end of yesterday's show.

I'm guessing Allison will shoot herself..
Troy and Mitch will be killed...
Crazy Hannah will be killed.. possibly by Cole.
Lyndsay and Cole will be pardoned for their heroics ( ???)

Just guesses...

They have to hurry up sl's involving Destiny, Tomas, Todd/Victor. It will
al be rushed.

1.6.12, 1:09 PM
I was getting so irritated last night when Allison showed up. Enough of this already. Where did they all get guns? LOL! I'm really hoping today will be the end of this mess.

I did read yesterday that Destiny may not have the baby before it's over. They were planning it, but that was when they were going to go online, so they may not go there.

1.6.12, 2:50 PM
And.. does anyone in Llanview lock a door :)

Good question... and just how close is Statesville Prison to
everyones house ? Did they walk, steal a bus, buy a car ?

A well - it is what it is.

1.6.12, 7:03 PM
WOW -- it's a good thing I don't write spoilers... :anon2d::upsideq:

1.6.12, 7:08 PM
Ugh, this is ridiculous. I know I said before I was mildly interested in who would be breaking out, but I wasn't expecting them to bring back every evil person in the history of the show! And frankly, the writing and acting the last few days has not been good. The Bo/Nora/Troy/Lindsay stuff is especially bad. This is not the way to end a great soap, IMO. The only good thing to come out of this is that Jessica is not Mitch's daughter. I've been hoping for this for years. And thank God John FINALLY shot him! I kept yelling "shoot him!" at the TV like a crazy woman :blush2ey:

And I won't even speculate on Viki and Clint laying in a dying heap, because they HAVE to be okay! If not, I think the studio will have a riot on their hands.

1.6.12, 7:15 PM
And one more thing. Since when are state prisons co-ed? Lindsay runs into Troy in the library and Hannah talked of seeing Cole. Like it's high school or something. Uh... right.

1.6.12, 7:42 PM
LOL! That was my thought too...co-ed prisions??? I don't think so.