View Full Version : The Ending

12.30.11, 7:00 PM
I just read some spoilers and I'm so afraid they are going to end this show in a lame duck manner. Some characters are coming back for the last two weeks and I don't know why. They are not beloved characters and I hate that they are wasting precious airtime on these insane psychopaths. There are so many stories to wrap up, must we have turmoil and danger?

12.30.11, 7:29 PM
I know... this prison break thing is just stupid. I hate to see them waste
any time during these last precious 10 shows.

12.30.11, 9:58 PM
I admit I'm curious. I'm guessing Cole will be the one at Starr's door (heard Brandon Buddy fell through and they might be recasting him?) I'm kinda curious as to who the other convicts will be. Other than Gigi coming back, I'm not into much else that's going on right now. I FF'd all of Star and James' and Blair and Todd's scenes today. The wedding and ending was the only thing that interested me.