View Full Version : Shane & Gigi

12.28.11, 1:03 AM
Okay, I bawled...hehehe! It was so touching to see Shane and Gigi reunite. He's so much bigger than her now, he's really grown up. If only soaps happened in real life. Someone sent us a picture of my Grandmother in their Christmas card. It just made my heart ache for her. I guess that is why I was so tender today...LOL!

12.28.11, 1:10 PM
Aw, the holidays will do that to you. Yeah, Shane is really getting tall! I loved that scene yesterday and I'm so glad she got her memory back when she did. I was worried this would drag on for a while, with Rex, Shane, and us, not getting immediate gratification from discovering she was alive. Of course the cancellation is probably speeding up the SL's faster than normal. I can't believe there's only a few weeks left. :(