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10.25.07, 7:46 PM
:rolleyez: I gave up on Days when they killed of John (Drake) and now Passions is so bizarre and sophmoric that just to keep it even on air at DTV they are going to have to do some serious writing. I don't think they have that ability. They tease the fan bases that their favorite couple would have some happy moments, well you can't please everyone and so basically what they have done is tick off almost everyone. (Moments is the key word here, if Sheridan and Luis are just breathing the same air, it is happy dance time, well the fact that Luis is obviously not into Sheridan unless he is under a spell, would not make me call their scenes magical, magic maybe, but not chemistry and amazing.) Then Ethan and Theresa finally get married and now we have Pilar's secret, a sick baby without papers and manipulation. That was all E/T had was a moment. Then there is Eve, wouldn't you think that all she has gone through, and drinking, drugs, seeing her dead son everywhere, Julian in bed with Valerie that the hospital would have put her on leave and until she could actually function as a doctor?

Then we have Kay, Miguel, Endora and Tabitha. Enough said about this disaster. To top off this mess we have Esme with her "black widow syndrome" and with all of these s/ls and no closure or structure this show as become not entertaining and that is why we watch, but it is high maintenance to keep up with all of the garbage.

I am in the process of moving and I thought I would wait until next week to shut my DTV off, NOT! I called today and chose to have local cable and told them they can come and get their dish and equipment out of my sight. They wanted to know if I wanted them to hook me up at my new home and I told them not only NO! but HELL NO! When customer service asked why I decided to go with cable, I told her that as long as Passions is on DTV, I would not be a customer. I would be tempted to watch and then end up having to replace TV's after I threw something at them. She was nice, but she also shared that she had heard that before and LOL.

I think I will be happy just to read the recaps if I get bored, but I will not feed this monster.

When they had the actors and actresses pimping DTV, it was so obvious, they want to keep their jobs! I had DTV, but if I didn't, I would not have changed. So they had to "sell their soap" and do live blogs and promos to keep the show going.
Passions just cannot survive with the flip-flop s/ls, empty promises, and warped spoilers.

They do have one thing going for them, and that is an excellent marketing staff, because they did actually "sell a dead horse".

Here lately I have returned to B&B, it is only 30 minutes and it always ranked in the top three. The message boards are not as busy because it is so well written that there are not the endless s/l's. The fans are loyal but they do not feel the need to become hostile towards each other. Another thing that is pleasant is it is not the endless "Photo Bucket", no one feels the need to dust off 5 year moldy old pictures and display them to attain instant adoration from a fan base and have to stroke everyone's ego. That is one good thing about this "new board", if you don't want to see that crap, you don't have too. They have their own little slot for that. Also, if you find their posts offensive or their avatars, you can put them on an ignore list. That was brilliant. Because most of us go to the message boards to talk about the show and of course if we protest to much about a character or a couple we are "banned from the village forever." Well I pay for my internet service and I paid for my computer and I don't feel like I need to raise my hand like second grade and say "mother may I". The old Passions board use to be a lot of fun, but one by one posters got really sick of having an entire thread being deleted, or being chastised for their opinion, or your question or comment would be buried with posts or threads that had nothing to do with the current s/l's. It is pretty empty over there and it used to be a lot of fun, but just like the soap, that used to be a lot of fun too.

I know a year from now it will be like many soaps that bit the dust, but this one will not go out with a bang, it will go out with a "puff". Of course this is just my humble opinion and also sorry if I offended anyone, but sometimes you just have to go ahead and stand-up for what you believe in.

I have PM some posters that are no longer on the CR boards because they use to like "shuis" (I am with Tabitha on the name meshing) but no longer like them. Well this is not like the mafia, where you can't walk away, you have the right to like or dislike real people, characters, actors, actresses, writers, anyone! They were attacked verbally for their opinions. I also noticed that if two posters disagree, then the next thing you have three or four going after the "unpopular" opinionated poster. This is a very hostile environment on this board and it is really too bad, because some have wit, knowledge of the show, a gift for posting and just want to have a board they can come too and discuss the show. That is not so much to ask, or is it?

10.30.07, 6:33 AM
Most EXCELLENT post!!! ICAM!

11.1.07, 12:01 AM
Excellent post. The truth rings loud and clear.