View Full Version : So glad Matthew woke up

12.2.11, 3:35 AM
Based on the narrative, I really thought he was going to die! Had to wait out the whole long Thanksgiving weekend to find out he was fine :glasses4:. I guess we're in for a baby drama now.

12.2.11, 2:45 PM
I thought so , too. Now I hope he is a sweet kid.. not that snotty twerp
he was before the accident.

12.2.11, 3:49 PM
I hope he's our loveable Matthew too.

BTW, the promos on SoapNet say, "See what's happening in Llanview as we prepare to say good-bye to our old friends"...makes me sad!!! I wonder if this means it will not be going online?

12.2.11, 5:26 PM
Nope. Check out the article below. Thanks to Judy for the heads up. Some of the actors who signed on are starting to voice their opinions. I wonder if they have basis for lawsuits, since they weren't seeking other work because they thought they had a contract. Not sure how all that works.


12.2.11, 6:32 PM
Okay, now I'm really depressed. We only have a month left with the show...:( I hope something can be worked out, but I knew it was too good to be true.