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10.25.07, 12:03 PM
SOD Sweeps Previews (November 2007)


“We’ll see a couple of new faces on the scene, and the return of a couple of faces from the past, as well,” previews Executive Producer Lisa de Cazotte.

Sheridan/Luis/Fancy/Pretty: “With Alistair’s survival from the train wreck, we discovered that Marty had also escaped death, perhaps even Beth? But Alistair isn’t going to make a family reunion possible if he can help it, as he has his own agenda when it comes to this group.”

Eve/Vincent/Julian: “With Julian and the rest of Harmony believing him dead, Vincent is gas lighting Eve to the brink of insanity.”

Pilar: “Pilar’s secret is major and the audience will learn the details. A couple of Harmony residents also learn these details and are set to use the information for their own ends.

11.1.07, 10:35 AM
At least NBC can't force Passions into their green theme crap for sweeps like they are doing to Days.