View Full Version : Third Party Candidate

11.2.11, 11:08 PM
I find this very interesting, as I have always been a registered independent and have been hoping for a third party candidate to be embraced by the American public.


11.6.11, 3:14 AM
OMGosh...I'm so on board with this. And I signed up, too!

I, like I would hope that many Americans are... SICK to DEATH of partisan politics and I would to have a or some candidates who are NOT beholden to special interest groups and to any favorite partisan celebrity MEDIA as many all in the two party system are now or have been.

When partisan politics come before the best interests of the American people, when politicians find allegiance first and foremost to party politics AND where the primary goal is their next re-election as to partisan power it proves the fact where the two party interests are truely at.

Partisan politics proves nothing other than loyalty to those special interest groups and partisan media entertainers... who care more about themselves, the ratings, and their party...than moving America forward.