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11.2.11, 8:38 PM
Rex and Aubrey will get involved with each other, and so will Cutter and "Stacy." Aubrey and Cutter will find out that Stacy is really Gigi, but they'll plot to keep it from Rex & Gigi because they don't want to lose their new loves. :cool:

11.2.11, 8:55 PM

11.3.11, 2:52 PM
Oh, I hope not. I can't watch Aubrey snooker another guy.

11.3.11, 7:41 PM
Do any of you know if the actress that plays Aubrey is pregnant? I've noticed that she hides her belly alot, carries a coat in front of her, stands behind things, had a huge purse in front of her one day and she's been wearing black. Just curious.

11.3.11, 8:10 PM
I've never paid attention but will look next time. I'm wondering if Kathy Brier is actually pregnant too.

11.3.11, 10:16 PM
Yup! Kathy Brier is pregnant.

I've not found anything on Aubrey (Terri Conn), but I did read that she and Austin Peck were married in July.

11.4.11, 10:46 AM
Aw, that's great! I just googled Jason Munt to see who he was, and his Facebook page came up. Not a fan page, but an actual real-person Facebook page with pics of his pets and stuff. Seems like a normal, down-to-earth guy. I'm so happy for them both :)