View Full Version : Sam's father

11.2.11, 9:25 PM
It seems they're now acknowledging that Sam is Victor's son, but I could've sworn before they were referring to him as Todd's kid. Is this a writers' goof being rectified, or am I hearing things?

11.2.11, 9:55 PM
They eluded to the fact that Sam was Todd's a while back. I'm glad they are not going to try to pull that one on us. We know for a fact that Sam is Victor's as it wasn't Todd who was tortured for months in the cabin by Whacko Margaret.

11.3.11, 4:16 PM
:flamingo: I think they referred to Sam as Todd's before they knew Todd was Victor and then Victor's thereafter. But then I've missed a lot, too. :anon2d: