View Full Version : Is the Writers' Strike going to save strugglers like "Journeyman"?

Dr. Mike
10.25.07, 11:31 AM
I'm wondering if the networks will have to save the shows that they think are marginal because of the threatened writers' strike.

That strike will start on October 31 if no settlement is reached -- and at this point it doesn't look likely. If or when it happens that means that all of the live-action and news/talk shows will be without writers.

This could be good news for the likes of "Journeyman" (yay!) as they may get an extended reprieve from the primetime knife. The shows that they have "in the can" will have to be used. (Yay!)

Maybe the networks will even go back and resurrect some prematurely dropped series -- a few, ImHO, that should have had a longer run anyway.

Andy Richter's "Andy Barker, P.I."
Taye Diggs' "Day Break" (oh yessss!)
Tim Daly's "Eyes"
Tim Daly's "The Fugitive"
Tim Daly's dead movie writer on "The Sopranos" spun out as a new series.
"Six Degrees"
Almost everything that ABC has cancelled before episode 4 in the last 5-10 years. ("ABC" is a weird way of spelling "death" for good TV.)hmmm. Writers' strike could be good for the rest of us. (Sorry writers.)

ON THE OTHER HAND: dear networks, there are some dead shows that should probably be left dead, no matter how many you have "in the can". (Should, perhaps, be the other kind of "can".)

"Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" -- this is a sleeping dog. Let it sleep.
"Smith" -- Violent criminal with violent tendencies toward gratuitus violence leads double life as suburban suhwavay upper-middleclasser. puhleeze.
"The Nine" even with a great cast -- that includes Tim Daly.
"3 lbs" -- another arrogant doctor and borderline writing. But w/ Stanley Tucci and Indira Varma, almost enough to save it. Almost.
"24". Isn't it dead yet? twitch.

Dr. Mike
10.25.07, 12:02 PM
Yes; there probably should be an all "Tim Daly Network".

I'm a fan. What can I say?