View Full Version : Cast your vote --

10.23.11, 2:41 PM
OK -- who do you think killed Victor ?

I'm leaning toward Brody.. But change my mind daily .

10.23.11, 11:55 PM
I'm sticking to Brody as well. I know it's not Todd. His whacko mother is playing mind games from the grave. I think Vimal will blow the whistle on all of this. He knows more than he's letting on.

10.29.11, 10:34 PM
:flamingo: Unless, as soaps are prone to do, there is some hidden character we've never even seen, my money's on Brody, too. As I said in my other post, he did it because Victor knew he wasn't Liam's father and Brody can't take the chance of Liam and Natalie being taken from him the way Gigi/Shane AND Jessica/Ryder were.