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10.25.07, 7:46 AM
Hello fellow Drake enthusiasts! As many of you already know, the picket line protest that we had planned in behalf of Drake Hogestyn was pretty well a bust thanks to the devastating California fires. It is for this reason that we decided to plan another campaign to show the-powers-that-be that we, the fans, want Drake to return to the show that has been his home for 21 consecutive years. I know that we're all in total disbelief and are feeling furious and outraged since head writer, Hogan Sheffer, killed off John Black...speaking for myself, I never believed that DAYS would go through with this travesty and would actually fire Drake, but sadly, we can't undo something that has already been done. All we can do is move forward and show Drake's bosses that we will not rest until we are victorious and Drake is back on DAYS where he belongs.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to clear up some rumors. First off, Drake did NOT leave DAYS on his own because he was unhappy on the show or because he wished to retire...simply put, Drake was fired! I know that many people don't want to accept this fact, but it was confirmed by Drake's Fan Club President, so it is no longer deniable. Drake is also quoted in Soap Opera Digest and Soap Opera Weekly as saying that he learned of his character's demise from Executive Producer Ken Corday. "He called me at home, that's usually not a good thing. Whenever there are changes in head writing or producing, other changes are imminent. I wasn't shocked by the news." His leading lady, Deidre Hall, said that "Drake came into work one day and he confided that Ken had told him that it was bad news and they weren't going in his direction, so they were going to kill the character." Drake also talks about sleep deprivation since he found out that he is being forced to leave the show and how "It has been an incredibly difficult several weeks due to the disbelief, shock and then final acceptance and closure which is inevitable in any creative endeavor." So bottom line is that this man was fired, and I don't know about anybody else, but I'm not about to take Drake's sentence lying down!

Whatcha say team, are you guys with us? If you guys are game, this is what we're going to do in an effort to make this a world-wide protest. If you support our campaign to get Drake back on DAYS, please sign into THIS thread with your name and where you live okay? Please feel free to also sign in any of your family or friends who are also Drake fans (or who love you and want what YOU want! haha!). We'll be opening up this type of thread on as many DAYS message boards as we can, and in December we'll be printing out the lists, putting them in a binder, book-style format and sending it to TPTB. We're going to see if we can get a small group to go down to NBC studios and present the book to either Ken Corday or Edward Scott's assistant, so that we know for a fact that it will be seen. Since I post at very few DAYS boards (I only post here at Soap City and at the DAYS NBC board), I would REALLY appreciate it if many Drake fans from here could take this text and start a thread about this campaign on one of the message boards that you all frequent. If you could keep an eye on that thread on "your" board and post in it about once a week at least to "bump" it and remind everyone about it, that would be terrific. Once you've seen that everybody who wants to be given the opportunity to sign it has signed it, please email me the link to that board DrakeDBEST@yahoo.ca so my partner and I could go in there and add the names to our list...that would be FABULOUS! Or if you have to be a member to go into that board, you could copy the list and PM or email it to me and that would work too.

Thanks so much! Also, if there any Drake fans who live in Peoria, IL or NEAR there, could you please email me ASAP? Thank you!

10.25.07, 11:31 AM
mysterywoman1313@earthlink.net (Lynne) Kansas. I have quit watching days because of this. Of course my attitude is if Drake finds another show, I will watch that. He is a fine actor and multi-talented. The show would have been better served to have gotten rid of some of the "dead weight" that has never pulled in an audience.

10.25.07, 11:40 AM
scorpiowitch, you've been added to our list! ITA with you, I stopped watching the day after the John flashback show and will be boycotting the show unless Drake comes back to the show. He has one more scene, a dream scene with Sami, so I'll watch that when it airs but that is it. Thank you for the support that you're showing Drake! YAY!

10.25.07, 1:34 PM
You are very welcome. First Passions is cancelled and now this, I have given up on soaps except for B&B. Good luck.

10.25.07, 3:08 PM
I'd like to sign up please.

10.25.07, 5:30 PM
I'd like to sign up please.
I want to sign up to please. I hope Drake will come back to Dool and very soon,he and Marlena are the best.RedLooks22
and now can we join Drake's fan club? thanks

10.25.07, 5:50 PM
I agree with everyone. I will forgive DOOL this one time for bringing back the dead. I'll gladly accept Mr. Drakes return.
You can reach me at D00L1Fan@hotmail.com. I'm a Texafornian. :o)

10.25.07, 7:06 PM
I'd like to sign up please.

Hey migsly, could I please have your name and where you live? You could email it to me if you'd like okay?


10.25.07, 7:09 PM
RedLooks22, may I please have your name and where you live? You could email it to me if you'd like okay?


Here is information on joining Drake's Fan Club! thanks so much!


10.25.07, 9:58 PM
Major fan here. They either FIX this mess or they will lose many a fans me being one of them. My name is Melissa Marshall from Cincinnati, Ohio

10.25.07, 11:25 PM
D00L1Fan and dylanangel75, THANK YOU!

10.26.07, 10:49 AM
You're very welcome, it's a pleasure to be apart of this.

10.26.07, 2:20 PM
I'm Louise from Indianapolis, I've always been a big John&Marlena fan! I cant believe they FIRED Drake! What a dumb move. The show has really been disappointing me recently anyways, but this put the "nail in the coffin", I will no longer be viewing DOOL. The show seems to be all about a bunch of silly teenagers now, I have NO interest in any of them. Drake&Deidre had such great on-screen chemistry and had the most romantic storylines years ago, sigh~~very very sad and disappointed. Soaps in general seem to have forgotten about Romance & Adventure.

10.26.07, 8:06 PM
Passionatic, thank you for signing in, you've been now added to our list! ITA, I've stopped watching DAYS too, but I did catch Monday's show already (I'm in Canada) because I heard that Drake was on for ten seconds, LOL! After Monday I go back to boycotting DAYS unless they bring Drake back! Thanks again!

10.28.07, 11:13 AM
No need to go through all you prepose. Drake is returning to the show in January 2008. He will not be John Blake. He will play a family man with a wife who becomes Belle's professor and a son who become a close friend to Will. You can check this out at About.com.


10.28.07, 11:21 AM
Sadly, the moderator on the message board over there is saying that this is just a rumor, sniff! I wish that it was true. :(

11.10.07, 10:06 AM
Is there anybody else here who would like for Drake Hogestyn to come back to DAYS as John Black? Please sign in with your name and where you live! Thank you!

11.12.07, 9:14 AM
Hey migsly, could I please have your name and where you live? You could email it to me if you'd like okay?


I am a BIG fan of DH/John and have read that he is coming back to Days in Jan;08 this has been on alot of messages boards I hope its true.

11.12.07, 7:27 PM
Hey RedLooks22, ICAM with you, that would be the BEST Christmas present EVER if we find out that Drake is in fact coming back to DAYS early next year!

11.19.07, 9:36 AM
I`m Joan from Michigan. AKA sandpiperrose
I hate what they did to Drake. I think they are trying to not only kill John, but the entire show.

11.19.07, 5:54 PM
YAY! Thank you sandpiperrose! You've been added to our list!

ITA with you! I don't see why they would get rid of an actor as extraordinary as Drake, unless they ARE trying to kill the show...so sad! We can only pray that our campaigns will bring him back!

12.30.07, 12:43 AM
My name is Taelyn
I totally refused to watch Dool since the day before John was hit by the car.
Since SOD announced Hohn is alive I have watched the show since the 22nd. However, If I find out this is just a bad joke on us, and he is not infact returning I will again stop watching. What they have done to him and others on this cast has me furious, and disgusted.
Tell me something.. Was some law passed that said NOBODY was allowed to be happy for longer then 5 minutes on this show? Because I swear nobody has been. Not in years.
Frankly I hardly recognise this soap anymore..
So add me to your list. (If Im not allready on it.:winkq: )