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10.14.11, 7:59 PM

I adopted a dog from the Humane Society on Monday! He's a Shih tzu mix, 3 years old, black and gray. The second I saw his sad little face on the HS website I knew he had to be mine. I left work to go see him and adopted him on the spot. He's the sweetest little guy. He does have separation anxiety. He freaks out when I leave him alone and he's made some messes in the house. The vet said it could be from the trauma of being dumped off at the shelter, or maybe he was always like that and his owners couldn't deal with it. But when I'm home with him he's so well behaved and sweet. He just needs some time and lots of love. His name is Barney and he's already spoiled rotten. :)

10.14.11, 8:19 PM
Oh! How sweet! Post a picture of Barney sometime so we can meet him. I'm sure he'll adjust to your home soon. As soon as he feels secure, he'll know he's "home".

10.15.11, 5:09 PM
:flamingo: Tina! You are a soft touch!

I'll bet Barney's a doll. Stick with him and let him know he's loved and he'll be great!

10.15.11, 9:04 PM
Here is my baby.

10.16.11, 12:30 AM
Pink, are you settled in your new house yet?

10.16.11, 11:45 AM
Aw, he's adorable. He reminds me of Toto from the Wizard of Oz.

10.16.11, 8:59 PM
He does! We do think he might have some Cairn Terrier in him.

10.16.11, 11:36 PM
Bless your hear for rescuing Barney ! Can you kennel him or contain him in a bathroom while you are out. I'll bet he becomes a really great pet once he
knows he is safe with you.

10.17.11, 8:32 PM
Poor Barney has worse problems now. He goes into these choking gags sometimes when he's outside or gets excited. The separation anxiety makes it worse. The vet thought it was "reverse sneeze" which small dogs sometimes get. It sounds awful but doesn't really hurt them. Now I'm beginning to think it's actually a collapsing trachea, which is worse. When I checked on him today he got so worked up when I walked in the door that he had a series of episodes where he seemed to be gasping for air. It was the scariest sight. He's better tonight now that I'm home but he still snorts a lot. There's definitely something respiratory going on with him. I hope it's not a collapsing trachea. I made a vet appointment for tomorrow morning, so we'll see. He's such a sweet, lovable little dog. It breaks my heart to see him suffering like this.