View Full Version : Shane/The Killer

10.14.11, 1:44 PM
I was so relieved that Shane is not the killer. The other day when he and Jack were at the cemetery, I was just sick thinking it was going to be him. I'm so glad the writers didn't go this route.

But, I'm thinking it could be Brody. Did you notice the look on his face when he walked into the investigation regarding Shane? It was more of a panic of "oh no, I can't let them take Shane for something I did" look than a look of shock that Shane could be the killer.

10.14.11, 8:25 PM
My money's on Brody!

10.17.11, 12:33 AM
Yeah.. I think it's that sneaky, lying, secret keeping Brody.
When he first came on I didn't like him at all... then kind of warmed up when
he and Jess got together... but now.. I can't stand to see him on the screen.

10.29.11, 10:32 PM
:flamingo: This whole Brody thing has really taken a turn. We're being led to believe that he IS the killer and that this whole thing stems back from when he and GiGi were "together' and he was Shane's "Dad." That was taken away from him. He created another "family" but the mommy slept with someone else and the child wasn't his. Now that Natalie believes Liam is Brody's, he's got another lock on a family, except anyone finding out Liam is really John's could screw it all up for him. That someone was Victor/Todd. (Not sure how to insert the memories of Todd shooting him because I haven't seen enough.)

Brody is definitely looking at crazyville again.