View Full Version : Cuteness overload today!

10.7.11, 8:46 PM
That conversation with David Vickers and Liam was too cute. She is the most adorable little dog. A shitzu, I think? So glad she wasn't killed in that explosion - I was worried! This is not helping my dog fever one bit. I've been wanting a dog for the longest time, but I work all day and it wouldn't be fair. I'm hoping to move closer to my job so I can come home at lunchtime. THEN I'm getting my dog! I'll probably get a mutt from the pound though. Rescues make the most grateful and loving pets.

Must. stop. thinking. about. doggy.
Must. stop. thinking. about. doggy.
Must. stop. thinking. about. doggy.

10.7.11, 11:06 PM
You crack me up! I agree, David Vickers is one of the cutest things...oh and the dog too... hehehehe! Just kidding, she really is an adorable dog.

10.8.11, 12:30 AM
LOL! Finding our own David-Vickers-the-guy is going to require a slightly different plan. :blush2ey:

10.8.11, 2:48 PM
Shih Tzu dogs are wonderful. I had one ( Muppie) for 15 years. She was precious. She loved to play in snow.. so cute. They don't shed, but need to be groomed every few months.
Also, the baby who plays Liam is so darned cute. It was cuteness over-load but I loved those scenes. I'm even tolerating Tina right now.

10.8.11, 9:51 PM
Yes, that baby is cute too. I think he even looks like John. Aw JAR, Shih tzus are so darned cute. We've had Lhasapoos in the past and my parents currently have a Lhasa. I just love those big eyes.

So much for my mantra. I looked into some rescues today. There are rescue groups that take the dogs into Petsmart & other places on Saturdays. So I spent my morning driving around to see what they had. No small dogs today, but they said to check back. This is all David Vickers' fault!