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10.5.11, 9:39 PM
Not sure anyone is even coming here anymore. I'm so sorry...I get on facebook mostly now. Granddaughter is growing like a weed. She's 8 mo. old now! She's still teeny but healthy as can be, and the grandsons are growing up so fast too. The oldest is 13 and 6 ft. tall and still growing. The younger..9 yr. is growing up too. But he hasn't got his growing spurt yet, but won't be long! Still working at Walmart and working us to death. Weather is cooling off thank goodness..so ready for Fall. Has anyone watched the X Factor? I think it might be as good as American Idol. Wondering how I can start a new thread in here..not sure how to do it.

10.5.11, 11:13 PM
Hi dragonmom,
I can't believe your granddaughter is already 8 month old. And the boys so big. How time flies!
I haven't watched the X factor but we took in a friend of my sons from college. She had money problems and no,place to live. She is a wonderful singer and auditioned for the x Factor this summer.She made it through two rounds and in the third round the judges didn't even listen and were talking loudly on their cell phones and told her she sang great but should come back next year.

10.17.11, 10:46 PM
Hi there..good to see you here. Yep..the grandkids are growing up fast, as I know your kids and grandkids are too I am sure! Too bad about your son's friend not making it through on X factor..but sounds awfully rude how they treated her. How are your kids and grandkids doing? How are you? What have you been up to?