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9.28.11, 11:50 PM
I watched this last Sunday just to see what it was about. I only found out recently that Farah Fath and John-Paul Levosier were a couple in real life. Neither were how I expected them to be. Farah can be kind of, um... the b-word? (Not sure I can swear here.) She does not sound happy about being written off the show and is pretty sarcastic in general. JP seems pretty laid back and I actually liked him. He doesn't seem too thrilled about settling down with Farah in LA, so I don't see a happy future for these two!

Others on the show: Girl from GH who was also on DWTS, old Belle from DOOL who's now on GH, Chloe from DOOL, some other guy from DOOL. Sorry, I'm bad with names.

Anyone else catch this show? I'll probably keep watching. It's kind of addictive because it's the real life soap of soap stars! What will they think of next? :rolleyez:

9.29.11, 1:22 PM
I didn't watch it, but I've heard so much about it that I'm going to try to catch up with it. I've heard in quite a few articles that Farah is the "b" word. I saw her in an interview once and she wasn't all that warm.

Was the other guy from DOOL, Nadia's (Chloe) current boyfriend? Brandon Beemer? He used to play Shawn Douglas on DOOL and is now on The Bold and the Beautiful. I met him once and he is a sweetie... a cutie too. =)

9.29.11, 9:27 PM
I got a kick out of the show, its like a "guilty pleasure". I am a Galen Gering fan, so it was fun to see where he lived and his personal life, his little boys are so cute, but, sheesh, his wife is SO Insecure & Jealous. Galen is very patient to put up with her hissy fits. Farah FAth does seem like a "B"...I cant imagine that young man would give up his life in NYC & move to LA with her, they seem like an unhappy couple. But, I thought Nadia Bjorlin & Brandon Beemer were a really cute couple, who were really supportive of each other and gosh, are they both Beautiful!
Kelly Monaco, from GH, was just annoying with her whining about her break-up from her BF. But fun to see what goes on behind the scenes at the studio.

9.30.11, 12:47 AM
Thanks Passionatic for the names. My brain was too tired to google them last night :winkq: So yeah, Galen was the other guy from DOOL I was referring to. I agree about Galen's wife being way too insecure. Come on, like she's the first actor's spouse ever to deal with this? Geez, that was too much. And the kid hitting the poor dog... Ugh, that was painful to watch. I really hope this kid won't be crying on every episode. That kind of noise has a fingernails-to-chalkboard effect on me.

KrisMich, how cool that you met Brandon Beemer! I didn't know he played Shawn-Douglas. I'm sure you can find the first episode online somewhere, or E! might air it again.

9.30.11, 2:24 AM
Brandon and Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip Kiriakis) were at a Health Fair in my area. I went and as you can tell, I was quite a happy camper.


9.30.11, 11:07 AM
Aw, I love this! :) I do remember Jay as Philip Kiriakis.

9.30.11, 1:54 PM
I have it on DVR but haven't watched it yet. I hope to catch up today or tomorrow. Nice pic.. good to see you !

10.3.11, 10:57 AM
I finally watched the first episode of Dirty Soap.. interesting. You are right..
Farah seems a little "terse".. John-Paul seems delightful.

10.3.11, 1:31 PM
Oh, I'm not liking Farah at all. If I were JP, I'd run for the hills. This woman will walk all over him...or at least try to. And, Farah can take Nadia's mother with her...LOL! She's a beast!

10.3.11, 2:24 PM
I know, what a nag! How can JP stand being scolded and bossed around like that? Did you catch when they were talking to the guy who plays Cutter? He looked like he'd been in a bar fight... and I don't think it was makeup for the show, LOL!

I find Kristin Storms kind of annoying, always have. I do like Kelly Monaco. She's a little rough around the edges but she seems very real to me.

I think the situations on this show look a little staged, but I'll probably keep watching. Curious as to whether JP and Farah will stay together.

10.3.11, 3:43 PM
So true about Kirsten. I can understand being upset about someone being deployed, especially if it's the only family member you are in touch with, but she's very "dramatic" and still seems very immature to me.