View Full Version : Liam's paternity & other thoughts

9.23.11, 9:23 PM
At least this story is moving along again. Funny how John and Natalie work together and see each other every day, but he wasn't aware he still loved her until Roxie coaxed it out of him. Really? And this isn't the first time John has gotten blitzed after getting upset. Instead of Bo telling him to take the day off, maybe he should be guiding him to a local AA meeting. Just saying.

Also, I was a little surprised to see hints that Jessica still cares about Brody. They aren't going to put these two back together, are they? :rolleyez:

9.26.11, 9:08 AM
They need to move the paternity sl along. I want to see John enjoy his son.
I now think Brody is insane and needs to fess up and go back to St. Anne's.

9.29.11, 12:26 PM
Man! I never in my life thought I would be rooting for Natalie, but yesterday when she and that spoiled brat, JessMess were fighting, I wanted Nat to beat the daylights out of her. I can't stand the way Jessica thinks she has done no wrong and hides behind her "illness". Natalie has put up with a lot of crap because of Tess, not to mention being held prisoner, a target for death etc. I know she was "sick" when she did these things, but still. Own up to it, Woman!

9.29.11, 11:30 PM
It's about time these two had it out. I still can't get behind Natalie and Brody as a couple, but Natalie made some valid points about Jess/Tess taking responsibility for her actions. It was very much in character for Natalie to be tough and defend herself that way, and I could see some Tess in Jessica as well. Nice to see two women stand up for themselves. Only thing that ruined it was Brody hauling Natalie off like a sack of flour. Writers, why end that satisfying moment with a chauvinistic gesture? :mad: But all in all it was a good fight.