View Full Version : Who dun it ?

9.17.11, 2:34 PM
Any guesses about who shot Victor ?:anon2d:
I'm thinking about Shane...
some of Tomas's cronies.. BUT he did seem to know the person.

I don't think it was Todd or Rex.

9.17.11, 6:11 PM
Could be Irene, she's expendable. I've considered Brody also. He really won't have much of a storyline once the paternity gets out. He's in a desperate state of mind and has gone gunhappy in the past, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch. It had better not be Shane! If one more soap kid kills someone I will lose it.

9.21.11, 3:51 PM
:flamingo: I didn't see it when it happened, but I've seen a few shows since and unless there's a reason I don't know about, I'm going with Brody right now. He's turned into a lying creep and I wouldn't put it past him to off Victor to keep his mouth shut. My second choice is TruTodd/ScarFace, but he was brainwashed to do it.:cool:

9.21.11, 6:12 PM
I'm also going with Brody. He's snapped as far as this paternity stuff goes. And I agree that he will not have much of a role once the paternity is discovered. I too, will be mad if it turns out to be Shane. But, my second choice is Tomas. Maybe not the actual shooter, but he knows more than we think.