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9.9.11, 9:15 PM
I really don't like whodunits. The plot is always the same - a few obvious suspects and lots of time spent on making them look suspicious. Such a waste of time when there is so little time left. Who cares where Rex's gun is? I was so bored with that whole stuffed beaver thing today. Let me guess: Cutter will find the gun and blackmail Rex. So predictable. I have a hard time investing in a plot that will lead to nowhere.

I'm also disappointed that people aren't showing more shock and grief over Victor's murder. Up until a few weeks ago he was Todd and "Dad" to all these people. Jack, Dani and Tea are really the only ones showing genuine grief. Everyone else acts like he was some distant relative. Starr's reaction seems disconnected to me. Sure she remembers the real Todd, but she should be grieving more intensely for the man she thought was her father for 8 years. Now she's all "I should've known he wasn't my father!" Weird.

I'm sort of interested in the Spotted Pony story but wish they'd get moving with it. I usually don't FF very much but I did a lot of it today. Remember when Friday episodes were actually exciting?

Maybe it's just me :lookaway:

9.9.11, 11:40 PM
:yawner::yawner::yawner::yawner::yawner::yawner::y awner::yawner::yawner:Yawn! Oh, hello! Yuppers! I'm bored too and agree with all that you said, Tina. This show is so disconnected and actually makes me anxious when I watch it anymore. Parts have been really good, but this whole murder investigation will drag on until the very end I bet. I don't get Starr either. I know she was very connected to Todd, but as you said, Victor was her "dad" for most of her life. He is the one she depended on during all her growing pains. He was a monster, but she always forgave him and welcomed him back into her life with open arms. It doesn't make sense at all the way they are writing this.

9.12.11, 5:26 PM
Yeah, kind of dragging. They could do a lot in these next couple months, but are wasting time with too much filler and drivel.

I read where the actors who play Viki, Blair, John and oh.. gee someone else have signed to move on over to the online soap.

9.12.11, 5:28 PM
Oh.. it was Tomas. So I guess we can surmise that he did not kill Victor.

9.12.11, 5:55 PM
That is good news. I'm glad that Erika Slezak is going to go online. It may help some of the other veteran actors make the decision as well.

The funniest line of the day: Roxie: Telling John about her missing, Morris. "Put out an IUD on him". LOL! The next best line: Todd to Natalie: "May speak to someone at the LPD that you haven't slept with"?

9.12.11, 7:49 PM
Wow, that is very good news about Viki, John and Blair! I hadn't heard anything lately and was starting to think none of the big names were on board with this. But it's not like they have a lot of other options. They might as well give it a try, right? Roxie is a riot. I hope she signs on too.