View Full Version : Brody -

9.6.11, 1:43 PM
I want to smack that smug Brody into the middle of next week. I can
hardly wait for this creeper to be found out.

Then I want John, Nat and Jess to put the hurt on him REAL bad.

9.6.11, 1:54 PM
Oh oh oh! fill me in on Friday's show. I wasn't able to watch it and didn't have internet all weekend. We aren't allowed to stream anything on our computers at work anymore, so if one of you wouldn't mind giving me a rundown. Thanks!!!

9.6.11, 5:13 PM
I'm just ranting because every scene with that sneaky, lying Brody is making me scream. He is trying hard to make it look like Todd shot Victor.. putting the strong arm on Vimal to keep quiet. Would this douche really kill to keep a kid that is not his ?