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10.24.07, 10:56 AM
In response to what Kelly (shortness) posted below about being happy to see others posting here and hoping we can keep bashing to a minimum I thought I'd like to share something and hope we can be one big family of fans here.
In our family we each have our own drivers. My husband roots for Tony Stewart, our oldest son roots for Kahne, our younger son for Jeff Gordon, our older daughter for either Jr or Truex, our grandson for Harvick, our youngest daughter roots with me for Jr as does our son in law.
So in our home, we celebrate whenever a family member's driver wins. Right now I'm rooting for either Gordon or Stewart to win the championship for the sake of my husband and son, even though I'm so disappointed that Jr isn't in the chase. Sometimes we have our little jabs back and forth at one another's driver if our drivers get into something on track, but we keep it light and fun and playful. The bottom line is we respect each others drivers.
That's what I try to do here as well. There are drivers that just make me nuts! (Like the Busch brothers!) lol But if there were someone here who was a fan I would try to keep my opinions of them respectful for the sake of my Nascar buddy here. I've never been a Penske fan, but I always wish Newman well for Christy's sake, I celebrate his successes with her, and I hate to see anything bad happen to him because I know it makes her unhappy.
I love that we've always had a board here that is friendly and respectful and I hope that if someone says something that gets to us we can overlook it as if we were one big family of fans here and be happy for one another when good happens for each other's drivers and share one another's disappointment when one of our driver's has a bad day.
I know I will really have to take this to heart next year when Jr joins Hendrick! lol Interestingly enough, years ago we encouraged our son to be a Jeff Gordon fan, but the past few years, since Johnson joined Hendrick, we have really been Hendrick haters. To say I have NOT been a Hendrick fan the past few years is an understatement, but I am having to eat my words now that Jr is joining them and I have to change my perspective. I also know that just as I have to overlook the Jr bashers now, it will be that much more so when he's a Handrick driver. But I will just overlook it and not let it get to me. Thankfully that isn't a problem here. We have always been a friendly board and I love that! It's what keeps me posting here, I feel like I'm among friends, not just fans. At the same time, sometimes one of us is going to get frustrated with a driver and say something here that might upset someone else, let's all try not to take it personally and remember that our drivers are most all friends off the track. I often find that when Jr gets into something with a driver on the track he lets it go much sooner that I do. lol! He lets it go and moves on and I'm still mad at the other driver for months! I try to learn from him and remember that once it's over he moves on and is friends with the other driver. I need to do that as well. lol
I look forward to hearing from my Nascar buddies here and so enjoy our postings and learning about each other. It is good to have new friends here as well, and I hope that they always feel welcome here!

10.24.07, 10:49 PM
I know what you mean
My middle son, daughter and I root for Jr
My husband roots for Jr and Newman
My oldest son roots for Khane
My FIL is a Gordon and Johnson fan
Even though I am not a Gordon or Johnson fan I know what it would be like to bash someones fav and its not a fun thing to do. Its also not a great feeling when someone is doing that to you. I hope we can all play nice in here.

10.25.07, 12:49 PM
No bashing would be great :)
I'm amazed at what goes on at some of the NASCAR boards.
There are a couple of drivers that annoy the snot out of me, but I can't bring myself to complete trash them or their fans.

As far as my family goes, I'm the only NASCAR nut in the house. I'm trying to convert them, but they just don't appreciate it. "You're watching cars go around in a circle, mom" and they tend to root for who ever happens to be beating Dale Jr at the time.
My youngest daughter watches with me and she's got a soft-spot for Tony Stewart, but only because he has a pet monkey. :)

10.26.07, 2:01 PM
great post tigger. i will do my best to keep my bashing of a certain extremely successful chevy team in check. ;)