View Full Version : Characters returning to Llanview (casting spoiler)

9.1.11, 9:43 PM
I read that Tina and Cord will be returning, and also Marcie and Michael. I'm looking forward to seeing them again, especially Marcie.

9.2.11, 9:11 AM
I'm glad to see them, too. I wish Max Holden would come back. He was one of my favorite characters.

9.2.11, 1:48 PM
I love Max. I wish he'd come back and he and Blair would end up together.

9.2.11, 7:51 PM
Erin Torpey is coming back too. I read where she'll linked to Cristian and will be the result of Cristian's exit from Llanview. Do you think she could be coming back as Sarah Roberts (Flash) since Cord and Tina are returning? Just a thought. I would say she is going to play Stacy Morasco, but they have shown pictures of the original Stacy too many times and I believe that bad actress will be the one to return to her role as Stacy. Yuck!

9.2.11, 10:59 PM
I would love to see Erin Torpey come back as Sarah. I did not like Rama trying to talk Cris into dating Jessica again. WHY, after that whole dumb return-to-high-school thing, would he want to do that?

And I'm not crazy about Stacy coming back. If she and Rex start having a romance I will be so mad. I do think they're leaving it open for Farah to return in case her gig doesn't work out. I hope so.