View Full Version : I'm SO disappointed -

9.1.11, 4:51 PM
Sp they just shoot Trevor/Todd/Victor in the chest and that's it ! Not even
a lingering death in the hospital... saying goodbye's to Tea', Blair and the kids. No deathbed confessions... no regrets... just a big fat nothing.

9.1.11, 5:20 PM
I feel as if they are rushing so much that they are forgetting to add any heart to the storylines. Tea did a fantastic job during the death scenes, but all we got was a whispered, "I love you" from Victor before he died. Same with Dorian's last scenes, too rushed. Up until they showed the montage with she and Viki, there was no emotion. And Gigi didn't even get a funeral, just the mention of one.

9.1.11, 8:38 PM
Glad I'm not the only one who feels gypped. TSJ was on the show for 8 years and the second Roger Howarth comes back he gets the boot without even a decent sendoff. Yes, it was all very rushed, but the whodunit part will probably drag on and on. And I don't get why they're saying Sam is RogerTodd's son. TSJ was the one raped by Margaret. :confused:

9.2.11, 12:46 PM
I knew they would do this with Sam. I'm sorry, but you'd have to be a total moron to believe that Sam is RogerTodd's. He's Trevor's! I think the writers smoke crack while they write. None of them know the history of this show.

9.6.11, 7:54 PM
:flamingo: I've caught ONE show since we moved. We drove from Oregon to Arkansas in 7 days and we're now living in a hotel even though we put an offer on a house today. We've seen one show.

I wished I'd seen this. I'll have to look for it online. Seems we're always out at this time of day. :-(

9.7.11, 9:37 PM
Pink, hope the move is going well. You really aren't missing much. Right now it's going round and round with everyone looking guilty in Victor's shooting. This could go on for a very long time. And Cris and Jessica have suddenly decided they are still attracted to each other after 15 years and multiple relationships, deaths and personalities between them. Which is probably just a catalyst for making Ford (Nash 2.0) jealous.

Oh, and Kim is the real Aubrey Wentworth and also Cutter's sister. She had lots of plastic surgery using money she stole from Rama in school.