View Full Version : Who Shot Victor ?

8.31.11, 12:53 PM
Will this be a done deal.. everyone blaming Todd ? Or... will the LPD be looking at everyone else who is gunning for him ? Brody... Shane...Rex...anyone else ?

8.31.11, 1:09 PM
I have a feeling this will drag out til the very end in January. I think Todd will be accused primarily, but then evidence will come out and suspicions will rise regarding Brody, Shane and Rex. What about Tomas? Although, I think he has more of a grudge against Todd as he knows Blair is still emotionally involved with him. It's almost too obvious for it to be one of these guys, watch it be someone we least expect.

9.1.11, 8:46 PM
I just hope it's not another kid. I'm tired of the murdering children trend. Cole, Matthew, Nate... It's kind of disturbing.

9.2.11, 12:47 PM
I'm hoping it's not Shane too. It's very disturbing. It's sending a message to kids that if someone has caused you pain, kill them.