View Full Version : Is any soap safe now ?

8.24.11, 3:03 PM
I have generally just watched ( or kept track of ) two soaps. Watch one live and tape or DVR the other. After losing now 3 of my favs ( AW, ATWT and now OLTL) I am hesitant to get invested in another soap. After ATWT was cancelled I started watching Gen Hosp .. kind of. I now know ( more or less the current sl's, but am sorely lacking in character history.
Is any soap safe from the chopping block now ?

8.24.11, 3:10 PM
I had heard a rumor that when Katie Couric's show comes on ABC that it will be in the GH time slot. I don't know what that means for GH or if it will change times. The only other soap I watch is Days. It has been on the chopping block for years, but somehow it always gets renewed. I'm just waiting for the axe to fall on this soap too. In this day and age, I don't think anything is safe.

8.24.11, 6:06 PM
That's why I'm not getting involved in anymore soaps. I think reality TV has changed everything. It's cheaper to produce, and I guess as long as these shows get viewers and sponsors they are not going away. I do enjoy some reality TV where talent and competition is involved, like American Idol, DWTS, Project Runway and some of the Food Network shows. And positive shows like The Biggest Loser. But shows like Jersey Shore and The Bachelor/Bachelorette I just do not understand.

BTW, has anyone heard anything more about AMC and OLTL going to the internet? Isn't AMC done next month?