View Full Version : I'm guessing John was probably Santo & Coleens grandchild

10.23.07, 11:47 AM
I mean if Coleen was pregnant. That could put the baby 10 years from Shawn. Being a girl it would be a Dimera woman, which opens up the door for baby John.

10.26.07, 10:52 AM
Good point but I still think John would be a little too old. On the other hand maybe not. Too bad we will never know the possiblilities since DAYS made the foolish mistake of killing off John.

10.28.07, 9:47 PM
Did they kill John?? Maybe not.

Just Samantha
11.2.07, 10:39 PM
Since this is Days, you KNOW that John will turn up alive and well at some point. I'm guessing he'll show up around Christmas as the "Christmas Miracle" that will give everyone in Salem warm fuzzies. :rolleyes:

11.4.07, 1:20 AM
I was thinking that the ISA got ahold of him and were able to save him - but kept it a secret.....lol, ok at least that's what Im hoping.