View Full Version : Gigi - can't let this go...

8.17.11, 9:51 PM
I'm very intrigued by this so far. Could Gigi still be alive? Is this why Delphina can't channel her? I'm in denial that she's dead - it just can't be true! There were times when Rex annoyed me, but I really feel for him now. Whatever happens, just please don't let him hook up with Aubrey!

8.17.11, 10:57 PM
I hope she's alive too, but I can't figure out how...LOL! But, in Soap Land, it's possible. Again, another exhausting thing to figure out.

8.19.11, 7:58 PM
When Rex and Gigi found Stacy stripping in Vegas, Gigi was her stripper name. Is this who Rex is gonna find at the Spotted Pony? Remember the footprints in the snow where Stacy supposedly drowned? Ugh, I hope not! :rolleyez:

8.19.11, 11:17 PM
:flamingo: Tina! I was thinking the same thing. Then I wasn't sure. I don't want Stacy back in their lives, especially when Stacy's baby (and not Rex's) is being raised by the gay guys. I'd welcome THEM back! Stacy would latch onto Rex because of his financial situation ... oh I can't even go there!

And what was with Rama and Cutter about the Spotted Pony?

8.20.11, 1:06 AM
Oooh, I just remembered something else! Awhile back I read that Kim was returning to OLTL. And wasn't it David who had the dirt on her to get her to leave Clint? Maybe she knew Cutter and Aubrey/Christine from the Spotted Pony.

None of this supports my hope that Gigi is still alive though. :rolleyes:

8.22.11, 12:01 PM
All of that makes sense. I can't imagine what David could have on Kim that would cause her to give up her cushy life with Clint. After all.. he already knew she was a stripper and a gold-digger.