View Full Version : Another Todd question (this is exhausting!)

8.17.11, 10:44 PM
Okay, so now we know how Irene converted Victor into Todd II. But why did she do it? I think she explained it yesterday but I forgot the reason!

8.17.11, 11:55 PM
Something about so Victor, Jr. would get his share of the inheritance, which doesn't make sense because he ended up with all of the inheritance. She also mentioned that she quit thinking of Todd as her son, especially when she saw what kind of man he had become.

I agree, Tina, this is very exhausting... LOL!

8.18.11, 10:42 PM
Oh yeah, thanks! So that leads me to another question. Why did Irene hold Todd as a prisoner all those years and torture him? Or has that not been explained yet?

Judging from the previews, it doesn't look like Victor is gonna take the news too well. Hold on, we're in for a bumpy ride!

And another question. What was the "it" those guys were torturing Todd to get? Honestly, I have been watching.

8.19.11, 4:18 PM
:flamingo: Oh yeah! "Where is it?" "Do you have it?" "Do you know where it is?" I'd forgotten about that.

My heart melted yesterday when TruTodd met Hope. THAT is the Todd I remember.

Pink <-- waiting for ABF to come pickup the 28' trailer containing all her worldly goods. :-)

8.19.11, 6:30 PM
I also melted with TruTodd and Hope. It was priceless. Ya, I wanna know about the "it" too. I hope they don't leave that bit of info out.