View Full Version : Delphina

8.11.11, 10:52 PM
She cracks me up. I love when she's on the show. I keep hoping they'll bring Gigi back - not as a ghost, but the real deal. I'd even settle for the farfetched. I heard Farrah Fath got another job, but I can still hope. :lookaway: I liked her and Rex as a couple.

8.12.11, 1:42 AM
I like her too. She plays the part very well.

8.12.11, 1:29 PM
:flamingo: I've always liked Gigi and I like her and Rex as a couple and with Shane as a family. I guess for the soap world that's too boring!:rolleyes:

8.13.11, 12:03 AM
I love Delphina.. she adds a real kick to any scene.