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8.9.11, 10:24 PM
Irene Manning was way before my days of watching. Interesting that she would be keeping her son prisoner and calling him a fugitive. And what's with the Pepto Bismol? I have a question: Vicki mentioned a few episodes ago that she didn't know about Todd until they were adults. Today Vicki said that Irene was her roommate in college. I'm confused. How is this possible?

8.10.11, 1:11 PM
I need help too. I have no memory of details on Irene Manning. Do you really suppose the Todds are twins?

8.11.11, 8:38 PM
It came out that Irene and Victor Lord had an affair. There was no mention of a pregnancy that I recall. It was conjured up decades later to explain the character of Todd. But all the rest... I'm totally confused.

8.11.11, 10:56 PM
I guess Vicki did explain it yesterday, so we probably know as much as we ever will. We all know how soaps love to rewrite history!

Even if the Todds are twins, why is no one wondering why they share the same memories?

8.12.11, 1:28 PM
:flamingo: Exactly Tina! Twins is one thing, the same memories is another. Sounds like the whole Roman/John thing all over again. Has anyone seen Stefano in Llanview lately??!!

There's a thing with the brain called engrams (sp) and that's what holds memories. Having them *imprinted* on someone else has been DONE! :lookaway: