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8.6.11, 10:28 PM
Do you think Treavor Todd really thinks he is Todd Manning ? Could he have been brain-washed by the evil people ? This whole thing is getting so
convoluted I can't see where/how it will make sense.

8.7.11, 1:02 AM
That's all I can think of. As long as it's not a memory chip like on DOOL! I'm really curious as to who is behind this whole thing, and how TrevorTodd will exit the show.

8.7.11, 1:39 AM
I think he's been brainwashed. I hope however he leaves that he doesn't die...but then again, who really dies on soaps? LOL!

8.7.11, 8:46 AM
Altho, at times I have truly hated "Todd".. I really hate to see TSJ leave. His Todd has been more cruel and mean .. I always kind of liked him. Roger H is truly Todd in my mind.. a more wounded meanie.. with a softer side. I love that he is back.. but sorry to see TSJ go before the end.

8.8.11, 12:03 AM
Same here - mixed feelings about TSJ. I enjoy his wit and sarcasm, but I hate his violent tendencies, especially during Starr's pregnancy (which I blame on the stand-in writers during the writers strike). It is a crappy thing for TPTB to do - bringing back the original Todd and basically telling TSJ "thanks for playing, see ya!" Then again, I loved Roger in the role and it will be interesting to see how this plays out. So yep, very mixed feelings! :freako:

8.8.11, 5:47 PM
I just watched Friday's episode and I must admit, Roger got me when he cried when seeing Hope for the first time. It should be good this week to see how this all plays out. I feel sorry for all involved, except Jack...hehehe! If Trevor-Todd is really brainwashed, then it breaks my heart for him too. I will hate to see TSJ go, love him as an actor, but agree, didn't like the violence of his character.

8.8.11, 7:30 PM
:flamingo: TSJ Todd is a cruel Todd. RHTodd can be a mean but human Todd. RHTodd showed that when Starr told him about Hope and he wanted to know who the lowlife was who knocked up his daughter. Which was followed by tears in his eyes at seeing Hope's smiling face. That was the true heart of Todd Manning. All TSJTodd wanted to do was kidnap baby hope and make Marty her mother and move to New Mexico! RHTodd was horrified to hear that TSJTodd *made friends* with her!!
I am really liking this Two Todds SL. I love seeing the *fear* in TSJTodd's eyes and the true pain in RHTodd's eyes.

Who's DNA does TSJTodd's match? Their cliffhangers are killing me!

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