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7.29.11, 1:51 PM
I had to laugh out loud a few times at the ridiculousness of the Red Carpet Event at this Gala. First, Dorian and Ionia (or whatever her name is) having a fight on television. Then, the commentator asking everyone, "who are you wearing?". Okay, this movie is about David Vickers and the Cramer women are apart of the movie, but it was still kind of lame in my opinion.

Now, my biggest peeve is Rick. I work for a movie production company and I know from experience that when a movie is previewed at an event like this, the film is guarded. We just had a screening of the movie, "Courageous" that will be out in September and Sony sent a guard with it to make sure that nobody video taped it etc, so that it could not be broadcast before it's release. All this to say, there is no way in Hades, that Rick would have been able to stroll into the film booth and put his crap on. No way!! You would think that people in this industry would know this, but then again, I'm convinced that the producers and writers of this show think we are all morons that wouldn't know better.

Sorry, ladies, just had to vent. I'm so wanting this show to end well and for all the stupidity to stop so they can focus on the characters we care about.

7.29.11, 1:54 PM
I thought the whole premier was lame as heck. Dorian's precious dress was ugly.. and they sat on folding chairs. I know the budget is low.. but really ?
And there were about 30 people at the "Premier". Lame.. lame... lame. But amusing in it's own way.

7.29.11, 9:56 PM
:flamingo: I thought Rama was a total HOOT when the water started springing out of her baby bump! It reminded me of Grace (Will & Grace) with the water bra in the museum! ROTFL! And allow me to be shallow ... I thought Vimal was h-o-t! What a cutie!

What about Rex? Is he going insane? I could almost see him getting shot and dying.

7.29.11, 10:31 PM
I haven't seen today's show yet, but I knew something like this was bound to happen. And I LOVED that episode of Will & Grace...hehehehe! If you are shallow, I'm right there with you, I've always thought Vimal is a cutie.

7.29.11, 11:31 PM
My favorite part of the gala was David. Loved that the other stars were Harrison Ford and Mel Gibson, LOL! And it was great seeing Markko again. What a mistake letting him go! The rest was a snoozefest for me. I am so bored with Rama and Vimal and the fake baby thing. It just goes on and on. The joke that Cris "got Rama pregnant"... come on. Even Shawn and Cris talked about it for hours at the diner. Like that's all they had going on? And Rama's accent, real or not, it bugs. I wish they'd take the parents and head on back to Mumbai, or wherever they're from.

I think the porn SL is stupid, but I do like Rick's character. He's sleazy as heck, but he makes me laugh. I guess Deanna is not coming back? I really thought they'd make her Shawn's daughter, especially based on the tension between her and Destiny. Maybe the SL changed direction after the cancellation. Honestly, I'd rather see more about them instead of this Vimal and Rama nonsense. I love Shawn and was hoping for more of him.

7.30.11, 12:41 PM
:flamingo: I think we'll all always agree about Shaun! Gotta get me some Shaun! I wonder if he'll play a bigger role when Destiny's pregnancy is discovered. He can also play a part between Jack & Rex. I wonder how he'll feel about RogerTodd?