View Full Version : John's arrival ..

7.28.11, 10:54 AM
I'm having trouble remembering how John came to Llanview. Anyone
remember the details ?
Also, I think John is looking a little too scruffy, unkept these days.

7.28.11, 3:58 PM
:flamingo: John McBain was an FBI agent and he was on the trail of ... someone. Natalie and Christian had gotten married in Vegas (gee...did that bother Jessica at all?!) and then Walker Lawrence *killed* Cristian. I don't remember all the details but that's where John & Natalie started getting close. The Slut, oops I mean Natalie, had just lost her husband and she started getting close to John. LOL!

7.28.11, 4:16 PM
I'm baffled! I posted a long reply and it's gone. Oh well, PinkFlamingo said it all. Oh, I think it was Flynn Lawrence that John was investigating. Too many Lawrences to keep straight...hehehe!

7.28.11, 10:04 PM
You girls have good memories. I forgot about all of that stuff.