View Full Version : Brody is getting on my nerves...

7.21.11, 3:18 PM
I really didn't like this guy when he first came on.. then I softened a little...
NOW I really can't stand him.
When he first came on he was a big drunk man-ho. Who was it he slept with that was so skanky.. was it Marty ? Was she in her right mind ?

7.21.11, 3:52 PM
I believe it was Marty. She was still in her state of amnesia after her presumed dead accident and lived with him at the Angel Square Hotel. This is when she would hardly have anything to do with Cole since she had no memory of him.

I'm ready for each boy to be with his biological father and get this sl over with.

7.21.11, 8:25 PM
Yeah, I wish he'd just man up already. This desperate act of his is getting tiresome. I wonder if he's heading to the dark side and that will be his exit from the show. If Ford is indeed Ryder's dad, then there will be no real storyline left for Brody once John finds out.

7.22.11, 5:20 PM
:flamingo: I've never really cared for him. I, too, was softening, but not for long.

That skank he slept with was waaa y back when he first showed up on Llanview. Wasn't it Dorian who got him there? He woke up all hungover in some hotel room somewhere. Rex & Adrianna were getting married and Dorian was afraid Rex was more interested in GiGi than he should be.

He just needs to go. Off you go, Brody!

7.22.11, 5:23 PM
And you know what? After yesterday's tirade from Jess, she can go with Brody for all I care. I'm so sick of her too. I can't believe that for once, I'm rooting for Natalie. And Jess is going to end up with Ford, I just know it... yucka ducka!

7.22.11, 5:26 PM
:flamingo: It seems to me Jess is getting a little more Tess in her!