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10.22.07, 3:36 PM
So anything good happen yesterday?
Congrats to THF for a good finish for your driver. It must have been another frustrating race for you.
Imagine how upset we were when we got home from church only to find that the race had been moved to a cable channel because of the fires here in California and we were going to miss yet another race this season! So ABC is carrying non-stop 24 hour a day coverage. Except of course for it's big money making shows last night, which aired and then they went straight back to non-stop coverage. I don't know how they call that news. Mostly they just go back and forth from fire to fire telling us that there isn't anything new to report. >sigh< Yes the fires are tragic for those affected and it is good when they're near you to have somewhere to find new information, but it's frustrating when they just carry it non-stop on every channel the way they do. They do that here in California whenever anything happens.
Anyway, so I really don't know what happened with the race except that in the end Johnson won and Newman came in 2nd or 3rd. I was so frustrated when I got home and found that I had recorded over something I really wanted to see but didn't have any other tape and had been recording the news for 3 1/2 hours and that we weren't going to get to see yet another race, that I forgot I could check lap by lap on nascar.com, when I finally remembered the race was finished. :-(
So, anything exciting happen??

10.22.07, 9:27 PM
It wasn't a bad race Tigger. The first 250 laps or so I was in and out watching it. I think in the last 40 laps there were about 5 cautions....maybe not that many but I am not exaggerating by much. I think Newman would have had a real good chance to win it if they caution hadn't flown on the green, white checkered. Of course yet again a Hendricks car won, which didn't make me happy but I was glad to see Newman get second place.
I really wish Newman could do something here at the end of the season. The last two years have been so disappointing and I am almost ready for him to go to a new team. He has so much talent but so much bad luck and I am wondering if a fresh start somewhere else might help him....would love to see him go to RCR....anyway that is just me dreaming....Hope you ladies have a great week!

10.23.07, 1:35 PM
hey girls!
sunday was a total cautionfest. seemed like 1/4 of the race was caution laps. seemed like passing was awful tough for a track like martinsville. of course i'm disappointed with the ending but that seems to be the norm for this year.

would have loved to see newman pull off the win for you christy. these days i'm happy to see anyone new in victory lane.

bummer on missing the race tigger. i'm keeping those in southern cali in my thoughts & prayers. fire is one of my biggest fears.

we painted the exterior of our house this weekend. i'm sore everywhere. sure wish we'd have gotten to this project a little sooner. DUH!

my c-sec has been scheduled for december 10th. been working on getting our home ready for a new baby. haven't had any luck in finding a new house, the market is so crappy right now that we're just going to quit looking for a while.

work is nightmarish right now. the only other girl in the office is quitting at the end of the month. talk about worst timing EVER. i've been searching frantically for a replacement. found one but she doesn't start til next month sometime. going to have 3 weeks or so to train her before i'm off to have a baby. needless to say my maternity leave has been drastically shortened.

other than all that mess - everything's just peachy! ;)
hope you girls are doing well.

10.24.07, 10:02 AM
It's so great to hear from you! I was beginning to worry about you.
How exciting to have a date set to know when you get to see your new little one! Do you know if it's a boy or a girl, or are you going to be surprised?
Sorry to hear about the stress at work. Try not to let it get to you, it will all work out and you don't need the stress. (Easy to say huh? lol)
How are you doing in your fantasy league?
I can't even imagine how you must feel after painting the outside of your house! All I did was clean up our backyard, it was a mess from the winds, and I was wiped out! And I'm not 7 months pregnant!
How is Shelby? I'll bet she is growing like crazy!
Yeah, I'm pretty sick of missing races this year. Not at all happy with ABC/ESPN! Really sick of their coverage, or lack of it! And really sick of them moving the race to their cable channel, this is twice now. Especially after having to miss the entire summer because of every race being on cable. I'm so disappointed in Nascar it's not funny. I am really reluctant to spend 5 hours of my time investing in watching a race when at any moment ABC might decide to move it over to ESPN and I'm going to feel like I just wasted FIVE HOURS of my life! Half the time they don't show the burnouts, or they don't show the interviews after the race. It's like they're in a hurry to move on to the next program. I feel like they don't really care about Nascar or the fans and their coverage shows it.
Oh well. What are you gonna do?
It's great to see you back on the boards.

10.24.07, 10:16 AM
Yeah, I was sorry for you that he didn't make it. I know how it feels. So frustrating! There's just something about Nascar that feels weird to me. Maybe just too many changes in too short a time, I don't know. Something just feels off to me. It is so great when our own driver is dominating, but it's just no fun when one team is dominating if it isn't your driver. lol And right now it feels like the Hendricks show. I can only hope that continues next year when Jr gets there. ;-) I sure hope Newman gets something going again for your sake. It is so tiring to watch race after race and watch your driver getting nowhere. Spinning their wheels so to speak. (pun intended, okay a bad pun, but I tried.) :-) I would have liked to see Jr go to RCR, but then Childress joined forces with DEI and I knew that wouldn't happen and I probably wouldn't want him there with their ties to DEI anyway.
Thanks for the update about the race. Here's hoping to a better weekend this week. Hope all is well at work.

10.26.07, 1:44 PM
hey tigger!
to answer all your questions above:
"they" say the baby is a girl, if so she'll be avery caroline, if it has grown a "winkie" since the sono, he'll be wyatt clay.

i was hanging in 4th in my fantasy league forever slowly gaining on 3rd. they only pay the top 3. but i had a couple of terrible weeks and have dropped to 6th, but i'm still battling.

shelby is growing like crazy. i think she grew 5 inches over the summer and skipped a whole shoe size. she's alot of fun right now with all the new things she's learning. her new favorite words are beautiful and delicious. she's big into pirate stuff and is going to dress as one for halloween. she'll be saying "ahoy matey" instead of "trick or treat." ;)

i haven't missed any races due to the ABC/ESPN coverage but i am so not happy with it. seems to have 3x's the commercials and i do not care for the commentators at all. especially rusty wallace, i didn't like him on the track but i like him even less off of it.

wish me luck. i'm off this afternoon to buy a truck. a FORD of course. with clay working out of town now, he's been driving my car and i've been driving an old beast. so we decided it was time to bite the bullet and buy another vehicle, so we're buying a big ol full size, 4 door, 4wd truck. we'll be paying almost as much for it as i did my house. how crazy is that?