View Full Version : Straighten me out again about Sam!

7.20.11, 12:31 AM
:flamingo: I thought we established awhile back that Sam is TrevorTodd's and not RogerTodd's. They all keep talking about Sam and how his friend looks like his dad USED TO look. RogerTodd was NEVER Sam's father. It was TrevorTodd who was *raped* by Margaret.

Was Sam just cute or what when he saved Dorian dressed as SpiderMan?

7.20.11, 2:20 AM
This confuses me too, but I keep reminding myself that as far as Llanview knows is that TrevorTodd IS Todd Manning with a new face. They don't have any idea that RogerTodd even exists. They know that Sam has seen a man that looks like him, but that's as far as that goes for them. It's very confusing...LOL!

And yes, Sam is absolutely adorable. I just love that kid.

7.20.11, 2:39 PM
:flamingo: LOL! Thanks for being confused with me! You're right about old Todd/new Todd as far as the Llanviewians are concerned.

7.20.11, 2:43 PM
I've been puzzling this out, too. They have lots of s'plained to do.
When is T-Todd off the show ? Do you thing R-Todd will kill him ?

7.20.11, 2:54 PM
Trevor finishes filming about this time, so he will only be on for a few more weeks.