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7.19.11, 7:42 PM
Today was pretty exciting. Finally RogerTodd is interacting with people! I'm very curious as to how TrevorTodd thinks he is Todd. Pleeease, no memory chips! Little Sam is so cute.

Anyone else think that Deanna is going to end up being Shawn's daughter with the supposedly dead Charlene?

7.19.11, 10:21 PM
Tina, I think you have something there about Deanna. I knew that she had to be connected to someone other than Bobby in Llanview. This makes total sense. You go girl! :blush2ey:

7.19.11, 11:27 PM
:flamingo: LOL! I'm pretty slow sometimes. I keep wondering who (I thought it was Dina, but I'm not invested in her so I don't really care!) her mother would be but never went beyond thinking about Shawn (oh please no ... don't sully our Shawn!) since this all is just kinda slimy. This girl is sleazy and now Nate (the one unsullied Ford ... but now sullied) is tool.

I was hoping she'd go to the west coast and not be heard from again. And you KNOW that porn movie will come back to bite them both in the butt.

7.20.11, 1:41 PM
I hadn't thought of that possibility. Would be very intereting.. if we had enough months to develope that sl.
But.. we don't !