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7.11.11, 6:16 PM
I found a few blurbs about what the actors are thinking on Bree Williamson's web page. Doesn't sound too promising to be honest. :(


Scroll down a bit after opening her page and you'll see the information.

7.11.11, 9:50 PM
:flamingo: I hadn't even thought of contracts, negotiations or renewals! (There I go, thinking only of myself!) It's also interesting that the actors themselves are wondering how it would work. They've already touched on what we talked about in relation to how it will generate revenue to pay staff and actors. Maybe we should pay really close attention because this might be the direction communications/entertainment moves into in the near future. :confused:

Thanks for keeping an eye out, KrisMich!

7.12.11, 3:04 PM
The more I have thought about this, the more I wonder if it is possible. And if it is would it be the same show we have always known. It may become something entirely new.. different.

7.13.11, 12:43 AM
It's odd that no one seems to know how this will all work yet. AMC is done in September, right? Only a few months away. Surely Prospect Park has a plan. If it turns out to be a low-budget deal where just the younguns and B-listers stick around, like Baz, Rama, etc., I will probably pass. I'm not paying to watch those people. Cable is expensive enough. Also, I wonder if we will need internet-enabled television sets to watch it? I don't know if my TV can do this or not. And does that cost extra through our cable service? Sooo many questions...

7.13.11, 8:35 AM
Saw this article this morning.


7.13.11, 11:32 AM
:flamingo: A couple of things occurred to me while reading this article. First, if, as they said, the online soap will continue where the TV soap left off, then there won't be any happy endings...no finishes. :-(

Second, actors like Lucci are already looking at other things. I read she wants to be on Desperate Housewives. I thought that show was on it's way out, but maybe not. I don't watch it. One would think a a million a year, one would have some bucks stashed away for a rainy day. :confused:

Third, I agree that if it's just the younger set, I don't need it and I especially don't need it if it costs.

Soaps used to be a daily activity that we arranged our lives around until VCRs came into the picture. Then we could control how/when we watched. Same with DVR/Tivo. Our daily schedule is now our own with the soap being part of it, not the dictator. When I worked, coming home and fixing dinner while watching was my way of winding down from a stressful day. It was far better than going to the bars after work!

I heard that internet enabled TV thing before and I still don't get it. Why can't I just watch online (if I want.) I can connect the pc to the tv to get a bigger picture but do I need it? I almost never just sit and watch a soap, I'm always doing something and with that on a pc instead of the tv, I'd have to get my laptop some speakers to be heard if I'm in another room or across the room. {shrug} I just don't know!

7.13.11, 12:59 PM
This is what worries me too. What cast are we going to get? In one of the articles I posted, the person who sounded the most jazzed about this was the guy who plays, "Nate". Sheesh! Does this mean the family leading OLTL will move from "Lord" to "Ford". If so, I'm out!

7.13.11, 4:01 PM
:flamingo: From LORD to FORD :p That's too cute. :yikes: but cute!

7.15.11, 9:30 PM
Lord to Ford... hilarious.. but possibly true. I won't pay more to watch online or otherwise. My bills are too high as it is.