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7.7.11, 12:03 PM
A friend from another board posted this today. I hope it's true, what do you all think?

AMC & OLTL to go Online!

7.7.11, 2:39 PM
That could work... I would watch.

7.7.11, 3:12 PM
Well, it's official... OLTL lives on... I could cry I'm so happy... hehehe!


7.7.11, 5:22 PM
:flamingo: I read this, too and I've been thinking about it. If soaps are being canceled because they are too expensive, then who's going to pay the actors and all of the crews? hulu.com does advertisements when showing television programs, but these shows have already been paid for, hulu is only rebroadcasting. I'm just wondering if you will have to be a paying member to watch?

:palmtreez: Thinking on my island

7.7.11, 5:23 PM
Wow! Hm, I wonder how this will work.

7.7.11, 5:50 PM
Prospect Park is a production company that has bought the rights to these shows. If you read the second article I posted everyone including, Agnes Nixon, is happy about this. So, they must have the money to do it. The only thing I've read that I'm not sure about is the casting. In the second article it does say something about an announcement coming soon as to which cast members will stay on. This, in my opinion, will make or break this venture. If not enough of the veteran actors stay around, it will flop.

7.7.11, 9:01 PM
So will it be aired at a set time every day like it is on TV? Or more like You Tube where we can sit down and watch it whenever? I've heard of Hulu but know nothing about how it works.

Hopefully this will stop them from killing off any more of the longtime characters. Maybe Gigi can come back someday - like she's not really dead and Clint got someone else's heart. Heck, anything is possible now! Yay!

7.7.11, 10:05 PM
I'm not sure how this will work, but if it's like Hulu, then it will be where you can watch it at anytime. Most online viewing is like this. I watch OLTL on ABC.com when I can't catch it on SoapNet. It works well for me when I'm busy.

Like :flamingo:, I'm also wondering if it will be a paid membership type of thing.

7.8.11, 1:30 PM
I got to thinking about this, too. I wonder how many of the regulars would stay.. the pay... the writers.. etc. Could be a whole new ballgame.. characters .. a lot of new.. unknowns. I'll sure give it a try but it may not
be what we are used to.

7.8.11, 2:53 PM
:flamingo: If advertising is what pays for our soaps now, then it must be the same thing online. Sites that have advertising (like hulu or clips like espn or cnn, etc) have ads and you can't FF through them. The ads don't bother me as long as they're not taking up too much time from the show. I almost never sit down and *watch* a show, I'm always doing something else while it's on so if there is a commercial, I don't usually hear it. But there is that occasion where I hear something and go back to listen to it. Maybe it's an ad for a show or a new product. So some of that jibber jabber DOES squeak through to my brain cells.

I wonder if they'll just pick up where they left off. Like y'all said, I guess it depends on which actors sign up for it. This will be definitely interesting to follow in the coming months.

:flamingo: <-- hoping none of the Fords are interested

7.8.11, 2:56 PM
Oops! I knew it would pick up where it left off! I was just hoping the Fords would be gone before then!

This morning I meant to say cantaloupe and said cauliflower and meant to say the yard was mowed and said it was ironed. Don't mind me.

7.8.11, 3:18 PM
:flamingo: have you been in my brain? LOL! I've done some of the craziest things this week myself. The other night, I totally lost my train of though mid-sentence and couldn't remember for the life of me what I was going to say. :upsideq:

7.8.11, 5:00 PM
:flamingo: It actually scares me a little. I'll be trying to talk and the word simply disappears from my mind. I end up describing the word I'm looking for and then feel really stupid when we find it. :eek:

One thing I refuse to do online is MySpace, Twitter or Facebook. I wonder if any of the AMC or OLTL actors have tweeted about going online?

7.8.11, 5:03 PM
I'm on Facebook and I get updates on OLTL there. They posted about the online continuation yesterday, but I haven't seen anything from any of the actors yet.

7.8.11, 8:49 PM
:flamingo: Okay Kris, you're our connection! On the other hand, the actors always seem to be the last to know. :palmtreez: